Wednesday, September 30, 2009

my bunny boo boo

that's what i'm calling you today poppa.
i hope you still look at this with your eyes and
hear it in your ears and
answer it in your mouth and
comprehend it in your brain and
feel me in your heart
i'm terrible at telephone etiquette.

i hate feeling like i'm drying up.
i just want to be the soggiest sponge there ever was.
i want to spend my days reading and my nights being inspired but,
that can't even be reality.

did you know that two fillings can cost you $511, with insurance?
i do now (and should probably not be chewing my 4th consecutive piece of gum).

i hope one day i can come see you in the wilds of washington
although i'll miss meekis just the same.

it's a shame you aren't around anymore (physically) to open my eyes for me,
or lift me off the ground surrounded by pure glee.

that's really all i'm thinking right now.

aside from that you will ABSOLUTELY have a package sometime in the month of november to mark,
our anniversary.

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