Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just saying...

how HARD would i rock this dress:


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

brain fart at last

It seems like the only thing I haven't fallen behind with this week is my actual work. Which may just be more of a reflection on how labor intensive it is, or isn't, rather than my actual drive. Who knows, maybe I really am just great at time management (hahahaha, good one).

Most of this entry will probably be a cop-out. For instance, I've been saving pictures onto my computer to post for the past three days (at least) and for some of them I'm not really sure how much context I really feel like taking the time to place them into. So cop-out one will be excessive visual imagery followed by cop-out two, execessive lyrics.

My plan to look through all of fashion week in alphabetical order, so as not to miss anything, was a much larger undertaking than I could have ever anticipated. I made to the O's or so before I realized that not only was New York completely done with, London had already started. So, abandoning my plan, I've been nit-picking over the past couple of days to complete my game of catch up. I can't believe I made it so long without looking through Proenza Schouler. Needless to say, and to quote RZ, I die. Which is where I'm going to leave that whole discussion because to go through my lookbook and to go through my pages of notes which I took while sitting at my desk is way too large of an undertaking to ever be completed in real time.

I'm really glad Kelly Osbourne was all over NY last week. I'm also really glad that she's looking super-fly because it gives me utmost motivation to do things like politely decline bavarian creme filled munchkins.

Speaking of giving up munchkins, when did Jen Garner get so skinny! Her and Reese Witherspoon (who I all of sudden find myself relating to, in pictures, because we apparently could go shopping together and pick out all the same clothes) seem to be disappearing a little. I mean, whatever, good for them, it's just strange because they had kind of been rocking more realistic body images for the bulk of their fame.

Everytime I see this coat I just want it more. And it pops up on the net all the goddamn time.

Seeing how she hasn't been in, or I just haven't seen, a movie with Keira Knightly in it in a long time I'm almost tempted to say I can stand her these days. Maybe that would change if she opened her mouth. Jessica Biel on the other hand though...

Like, do I even have to say anything?

Brief interlude of sexy (read, cop-out):

Saw Shutter Island on Sunday. I definitely liked it. The music was outstanding. Lots of sweet Kubrick-esque The Shining shots which ruled for me because I love The Shining. Here's Michelle promoting the movie she isn't even alive in, being adorable and making all the right choices, as per the usual:

And I'll finish up this little girl-crush section by rounding it out with some Olsen-age (duh) and Chloe and Nicole:


And FINALLY, some real life; hoping the snow will hold off so I can dance here:

Thursday night @ Starland Ballroom
and here:

Friday night, Let Me Run @ Webster Hall w/ Crime in Stereo.

I'm just going to post the song as a separate entry, this feels like it's getting out of hand.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


listening to joanna newsom on my phone at work and feasting my eyes on this:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

how is this week, let alone this day, not over yet?
i'm having one of those days where the only place i want to be is
in my car
constantly moving (that's the condition)
but i don't know where to.

i'd let you come,
you know?
even if we just sat there quietly (in the beginning)
i'd just like to feel
your hand on mine for a little while
and know
we're sharing the same air.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I meant to post this disturbing little tid-bit earlier in the week but somehow over looked it:
In 1997, original Batman director Tim Burton tried to make a Superman movie starring Nicolas Cage

Can I just say, how is Nicolas Cage a working actor? I had the pleasure of watching Con Air for the first time the other night and while John Malkovich brought me deeper and deeper in, Nic, from his first shot with that stiff fake hair trying to blow in the wind, just kept bringing me further and further out. I really do like him in Valley Girl though.

Even though fashion week's started I devoted a lot of my earlier reading today to the Healthy Living section of martha's dot com. I found out some interesting things; for instance this:
“Traditionally made (meaning minimally processed) dark chocolate actually contains more flavonoids per gram than any other food tested so far, including green tea, red wine, and blueberries.”

I just found it incredible since blueberries are touted for being such a SUPERfood. If they are the Superman what does that make dark chocolate?

Aside from the, probably, 20 or so recipes I saved/looked through I also read an article about asparagus. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the veg because it makes me think of my fabulous Aunt Flo. My mom never made asparagus but Aunt Florence did!
Even better, the tasty spears help fight cardiovascular disease, strengthen bones, and may even boost the libido…

Most notably, this member of the lily family contains the most folate of any vegetable. Folate helps rid the body of the amino acid homocysteine, associated with cardiovascular disease. It also may aid in the production of histamine, which is necessary for achieving orgasm -- making asparagus's legendary aphrodisiac powers not quite so far-fetched

The second most interesting thing I read about asparagus (because clearly the point about achieving orgasm is the first) is that it grows for 3 YEARS before it's harvested and that it can grow up to 7 inches in one day, once it starts to sprout.

Keeping in the spirit of V-day, before I move on to the normal run of things, I want want want this. I've always had an affinity for Betsey Johnson, probably just because she was the firt designer I was ever really aware of and, even if I don't necessarily die over her dresses so much anymore I do go ga-ga for her lingerie:

Summer has me reconsidering my glasses only policy as more and more aha sunglasses dance across my computer screen (espesh the kind that won't fit a regular pair of glasses underneath them): linda farrow for the row,

I read an article today about how an ATF agent is suing the agency for failing to protect him adequately after he had gone under, and come out of, cover with the Hell's Angels. Ironically, earlier in the day I drooled over this "Hell's Angels" Fallon necklace:

Finally, since I did look through about 8 shows on my (the best app ever) app on my phone last night here's a shot of Kelly Osbourne (whom I've always loved, so deal with it) looking SO GOOD and Gwen Stefani, who is 40 which blows my mind. I was actually pretty impressed with the L.A.M.B. show. I think she's really coming into a good place, it was def the first of her shows that I actively "liked."

In closing--I die.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

So many twinkies yesterday,
seeing them all made me think of the way the cosmos would line up when I was in college.
The way all my professors would seem to mention even the slightest bit of the same thing throughout the day or week.
Kind of like how on Tuesday I was exclusively looking up a mqueen on the 'net and then today after my second crash nap I found out he was dead.
Connections and all sorts of bullshit about how the world is tiny and everything is connected and how it took me all day to get out of my funk.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i don't know if i told/showed you this BUT, here is my christmas present from TTR:

not ONLY did i get it but, he put on the sweet guards over the wheels, a bell, a basket which is REMOVEABLE (for picking flowers/having picnics/etc), and a license plate which reads, "2cool4u".
PLUS, he has to ride it with me whenever i want and he knows it!
for now it just sits in the entrance way to our house and teases me as blizzard warnings blast all over the state.

hubert's been getting into battle out in the wild lately and coming home limping and/or bleeding. it's gross and worrisome. it makes me want to get a kitten (that and the kittie half time show) to keep inside forever so it has to want to cuddle with me all the time. i want to name this hypothetical kitten pinky.

i can't decide how i feel about carey mulligan. the fact that everyone is peeing their pants about her makes me skeptical. but i know exactly how i feel about her prada- i love it:

other than that my normal reading materials for the day seemed to be in a downturn. it's cool though because i'm pretty sure i'm going to be stuck with more than i can read/look at in the next week or so.

here are some coats:



Monday, February 8, 2010


into it (mark fast, emily BLUNT)

this bitch is either 15 or 16, her lips are huge, he legs are ridic, and i can't tell whether or not i like her. alhtough, i will admit, the first time i saw her in a show i immediately felt compelled (and tried) to find out who she was.

cinnamon roll cookies, which i want to make, only about 3 sticks of butter involved.

other than that i feel a little fucking strange on the inside and i hate it.
can you ever just keep smiling without feeling like a fool?

came up with a sweet valentine idea for ttr, he always gets the cards i'm most proud of.

Friday, February 5, 2010

woke up really hard this morning
hard to believe something like eyelids
could weigh your head down so much.

been feeling uber-gross lately
which made getting dressed this AM a forty minute process
praise the L i showered and straightened my hair last night.
good thing what i ended up wearing is a dress that makes me look like i just forgot to put pants on.

day two wearing lipstick to try and mask the pimple trevor and brendon won't let me forget about.

really thankful that 30 rock was new last night.

surprinsingly i didn't really poke around on the internet that much at all today.
in retrospect i'm kind of hard pressed to figure out what i filled my 'break' time doing.

i read an article on wikipedia about sir walter raleigh.

this: saved to my computer as mary-kate olsen.jpg, but i really think effed up. cause like, ashley? regardless i need those sunglasses and i love love love tan tans with navy like that (belt and trench).
i also appreciate the fact that she's wearing a legit leather belt with her trench seeing as i've been getting flack for doing so since december when my (shitty macy's) michael kors jacket was left with only one functioning button.

and to close out the week (forever Darcy):
"I thought I was managing my expectations, but on hearing the news I discovered new and unfamiliar vocal tones. Perhaps I should do another musical."
– Colin Firth, referencing his role in Mamma Mia! upon learning he'd been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in A Single Man

I really want to see A Single Man

Thursday, February 4, 2010

lately i've been thinking about the west coast and how having long blonde hair makes me want to move to california and live in cut off daisy dukes or shorts like these: basically just shorts all the time. something about last summer really brought out my appreciation for the season and dressing for it.


saw this when i was voting in a "who wore it better" poll-- give me a gallery full of that and/or celebrities without makeup and i am SET. i hate that ashely greene so i was super happy to see how oafish and dumb she looked (i had seen the picture somewhere on the 'net previously). putting that out there i guess it goes without saying that i voted for rachel. this outfit makes me want bell bottoms and i haven't wanted bell bottoms since i was in elementary school.

i don't mean to sound crude but, when heath died it only makes sense that someone else would have to be bumped up to the number 1 slot. here is that person laying a wet one on my number 1 girl crush
i find it slightly ironic that as he moved into my number 1 he moved into a movie with michelle (excitement). while on the subject, kristina made my day by suggesting that my "doppleganger" pic of miss piggy on facebook was inaccurate and should be replaced with michelle williams. i die.


how badly does hubert need a gaultier kitty corset? and he isn't even a girl.

discovered thetim burton website today. you navigate the whole thing (which isn't really so big) by moving a character around with your directional pads. which i thought was really neat.

found this blog which i blame for making me get a chocolate chip cookie when i was buying my afternoon caffeine.

read a write up about zac posen which is pretty much summed up with this quote i immediately copied down from it:
“He was the designer wunderkind who went too far, too fast, his sequins falling to the floor like the feathers of Icarus”

i was told i look very secretarial today, which makes me wonder what i usually look like. i guess a bun and some red lipstick'll really put you in a different direction. and to think it's all because i woke up too late to shower and i have a pimple (respectively).

in real life i'm trying to live/spend/save more responsibly and finally learn actual things about my camera. we'll see how this works out.

i don't feel like re-reading this but i also feel like it probably sounds like a dummy wrote it. so i apologize for being dumb and then lazy this afternoon. at least i did it at all though.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010