Tuesday, March 23, 2010

first and foremost, this game rules.

the bushes have all been pruned, if that's even the correct terminology, from the front of the house.
to put it in perspective, since i haven't any pictures yet, it no longer looks like a rape house.
i figure i clocked in about 12 hours of hard labor over the past weekend and i find it really thrilling.
seems mother nature was just teasing us with the warm weather though as it's been raining for the past two days and today i was chattering, still, when i went out for lunch. i wouldn't mind the breezier weather so much if the sun was at least out so i could walk around in the woods.
all i want to do is be outside as often as i can. i got to wake up and eat my saturday breakfast (black coffee and a cigarette) on the trampoline like it was last summer.
stretching my heavy, sore limbs while i looked through the naked trees into whatever it is that exists behind country living.

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