Wednesday, May 12, 2010

rant runt rint

The thing is I'm quite cranky today (right now) and I'm pretty sure it's only because I'm stuck behind this desk and I basically finished everything I could "need" to do.
I bought a fucking diet pepsi to drink with my lunch (WHO AM I?) and had a mini powdered doughnut.
Drinking this soda makes me want to kill myself but I used my last dollar on it and therefore cannot buy a water. If only I could time travel.
I really wish this upside down May weather wasn't messing my vibe so much but this week has just been rougher than fucking sand paper. It's only Wednesday.
It's absolutely the weather. I'm just extremely irritable.
All I want to do is play pixel junk monsters, cook for people I care about, hang out with the boy who makes me melt, drink gallons of gin, shake my hips, buy clothes/put together outfits, wear the shortest shorts, and not have to worry about money (or the lack thereof).
It's okay though because my spending has slowly been changing and I intend to keep making it do so. In 2010 I have bought one bra and one skirt. That makes just about 27$ spent on clothes. WHO AM I?
Unfortunately I think I've replaced my clothes shopping with food shopping. That is: going out to eat, buying fancy cheese, eating sushi for lunch. Things need to be reigned in or else I am just going to continue to miserable and I can't allow that. It's really not how I'm supposed to be.

There were other things I had intended to work into something here (just so I could work them out of my head). Like, how some people are turds. How it's sad that there are actually people who come into, and then go out of, your life and leave nothing good behind. Immediately after I typed that I realized it was absolute bullshit and not at all how I think hahahaha. Oh, there you ARE Jessica!

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  1. i could easily drop $500 at a grocery store