Wednesday, February 24, 2010

brain fart at last

It seems like the only thing I haven't fallen behind with this week is my actual work. Which may just be more of a reflection on how labor intensive it is, or isn't, rather than my actual drive. Who knows, maybe I really am just great at time management (hahahaha, good one).

Most of this entry will probably be a cop-out. For instance, I've been saving pictures onto my computer to post for the past three days (at least) and for some of them I'm not really sure how much context I really feel like taking the time to place them into. So cop-out one will be excessive visual imagery followed by cop-out two, execessive lyrics.

My plan to look through all of fashion week in alphabetical order, so as not to miss anything, was a much larger undertaking than I could have ever anticipated. I made to the O's or so before I realized that not only was New York completely done with, London had already started. So, abandoning my plan, I've been nit-picking over the past couple of days to complete my game of catch up. I can't believe I made it so long without looking through Proenza Schouler. Needless to say, and to quote RZ, I die. Which is where I'm going to leave that whole discussion because to go through my lookbook and to go through my pages of notes which I took while sitting at my desk is way too large of an undertaking to ever be completed in real time.

I'm really glad Kelly Osbourne was all over NY last week. I'm also really glad that she's looking super-fly because it gives me utmost motivation to do things like politely decline bavarian creme filled munchkins.

Speaking of giving up munchkins, when did Jen Garner get so skinny! Her and Reese Witherspoon (who I all of sudden find myself relating to, in pictures, because we apparently could go shopping together and pick out all the same clothes) seem to be disappearing a little. I mean, whatever, good for them, it's just strange because they had kind of been rocking more realistic body images for the bulk of their fame.

Everytime I see this coat I just want it more. And it pops up on the net all the goddamn time.

Seeing how she hasn't been in, or I just haven't seen, a movie with Keira Knightly in it in a long time I'm almost tempted to say I can stand her these days. Maybe that would change if she opened her mouth. Jessica Biel on the other hand though...

Like, do I even have to say anything?

Brief interlude of sexy (read, cop-out):

Saw Shutter Island on Sunday. I definitely liked it. The music was outstanding. Lots of sweet Kubrick-esque The Shining shots which ruled for me because I love The Shining. Here's Michelle promoting the movie she isn't even alive in, being adorable and making all the right choices, as per the usual:

And I'll finish up this little girl-crush section by rounding it out with some Olsen-age (duh) and Chloe and Nicole:


And FINALLY, some real life; hoping the snow will hold off so I can dance here:

Thursday night @ Starland Ballroom
and here:

Friday night, Let Me Run @ Webster Hall w/ Crime in Stereo.

I'm just going to post the song as a separate entry, this feels like it's getting out of hand.

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  1. I am so glad you're going to be like 2 feet away from my apartment on Friday.

    And I am also so glad that I'll get to see your beautiful face in person Friday too!