Thursday, February 4, 2010

lately i've been thinking about the west coast and how having long blonde hair makes me want to move to california and live in cut off daisy dukes or shorts like these: basically just shorts all the time. something about last summer really brought out my appreciation for the season and dressing for it.


saw this when i was voting in a "who wore it better" poll-- give me a gallery full of that and/or celebrities without makeup and i am SET. i hate that ashely greene so i was super happy to see how oafish and dumb she looked (i had seen the picture somewhere on the 'net previously). putting that out there i guess it goes without saying that i voted for rachel. this outfit makes me want bell bottoms and i haven't wanted bell bottoms since i was in elementary school.

i don't mean to sound crude but, when heath died it only makes sense that someone else would have to be bumped up to the number 1 slot. here is that person laying a wet one on my number 1 girl crush
i find it slightly ironic that as he moved into my number 1 he moved into a movie with michelle (excitement). while on the subject, kristina made my day by suggesting that my "doppleganger" pic of miss piggy on facebook was inaccurate and should be replaced with michelle williams. i die.


how badly does hubert need a gaultier kitty corset? and he isn't even a girl.

discovered thetim burton website today. you navigate the whole thing (which isn't really so big) by moving a character around with your directional pads. which i thought was really neat.

found this blog which i blame for making me get a chocolate chip cookie when i was buying my afternoon caffeine.

read a write up about zac posen which is pretty much summed up with this quote i immediately copied down from it:
“He was the designer wunderkind who went too far, too fast, his sequins falling to the floor like the feathers of Icarus”

i was told i look very secretarial today, which makes me wonder what i usually look like. i guess a bun and some red lipstick'll really put you in a different direction. and to think it's all because i woke up too late to shower and i have a pimple (respectively).

in real life i'm trying to live/spend/save more responsibly and finally learn actual things about my camera. we'll see how this works out.

i don't feel like re-reading this but i also feel like it probably sounds like a dummy wrote it. so i apologize for being dumb and then lazy this afternoon. at least i did it at all though.

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