Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i don't know if i told/showed you this BUT, here is my christmas present from TTR:

not ONLY did i get it but, he put on the sweet guards over the wheels, a bell, a basket which is REMOVEABLE (for picking flowers/having picnics/etc), and a license plate which reads, "2cool4u".
PLUS, he has to ride it with me whenever i want and he knows it!
for now it just sits in the entrance way to our house and teases me as blizzard warnings blast all over the state.

hubert's been getting into battle out in the wild lately and coming home limping and/or bleeding. it's gross and worrisome. it makes me want to get a kitten (that and the kittie half time show) to keep inside forever so it has to want to cuddle with me all the time. i want to name this hypothetical kitten pinky.

i can't decide how i feel about carey mulligan. the fact that everyone is peeing their pants about her makes me skeptical. but i know exactly how i feel about her prada- i love it:

other than that my normal reading materials for the day seemed to be in a downturn. it's cool though because i'm pretty sure i'm going to be stuck with more than i can read/look at in the next week or so.

here are some coats:



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  1. you got a tandem? badass! i saw a tandem that had 4 seats for the entire family... i guess that makes it not a tandem?