Tuesday, January 19, 2010

first and foremost, olsen moments:

alexander mcqueen, i really feel like saying "nuff said" is enough. although, i would like to point out, on a styling note, my recent admission that i do not get black lipstick. i still don't get it but here i'm actually kind of digging it (ashley can do no wrong? hypocrocy's in?)

although this isn't my favorite erdem dress i love the color and just the fact that she's wearing it. fall 09 i basically saved the entire erdem show to my favs lookbook so sorry if it seems like i'm just playing favorites (because i most likely am). i wish i hadn't just used the word favorite, or variations of it, so many times. the shoes look like the ones big proposes to carrie with.

the only part of my outfit i like today are my tights
(exhibit a:
if you look closely you can see the cut i got from slamming my shin into the corner of my bed frame this morning.

i made tacos with shredded beef last night and i rule the enitre world. i should probably start remembering to take pictures of the food i make because if nothing else i can always make my brother jealous.

and finally, because i miss things like beach mondays and longo is going to be on a plane in 5 minutes to go see YOU, here you are on my desk everyday:

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