Monday, January 18, 2010

tommy h shorts, clearly. maybe the best part of my entire outfit today is the fact that hanging in my closet at home is a button down shirt COVERED with the same print as my current shorts. get me a pair of deck shoes and i'm fucking set.

january's going by pretty fast. whatever.
not entirely sure how my mission to improve my posture is going but i have ruined my nails all over again. (pros and cons).

tface's 25th birthday is sunday. i think it's a big deal but i can't seem to come up with any really great big ideas to get this point across to him. it doesn't help that he's been wearing his birthday present for the past three weeks.

hibachi dinner last night soaked in warm saki and seen partially through the kind of smokey gaze that doesn't come from turning onions into volcanos.

got a giant paper latern orb for the living room. it's so much brighter which makes things like reading less horrible for my eyes. next thing to do (now that the christmas tree is gone) would appear to be to re-organize my typewriter desk so i can do work. fingers crossed.

reading alice in wonderland. thinking i need to move to non-fiction next.

currently drooling over marion cotillard in dior at the golden globes.

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