Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The first thing that really caught my eye on the internet today was this blurb:

Larry the Traveling Guy: As a part of its new strategy to appeal to real America, the History Channel has signed up Larry the Cable Guy for a new show. The United States of Larry will use the travelogue format as Larry travels the U.S. hunting for "folks with interesting jobs, hobbies and ways of life."

As if I weren't already completely done with the History Channel. I don't understand why so many cable stations are finding it necessary to move so completely away from the things that defined them, and gave them an audience, in the first place. AMC is no longer "American Movie Classics." I was listening to an interview with some actor or someone and they were re-iterating the fact that AMC doesn't even stand for anything anymore. AMC are nonsense letters.

Like AMC the History Channel's name is essentially nonsense. Anytime I want to see something resembling a history program I flip to the History International channel. Maybe if I wanted to see the guy from Full Metal Jacket ride a horse and fire a gun I'd throw on the History Channel. But I don't. As the channel guide gets longer it seems like everything becomes more the same. Shouldn't that be the exact opposite of what happens?

I just read an interview with Charlotte Gainsbourg from Opening Ceremony. It makes me want to hear her new record, even though I probably won't because I don't actively search out/listen to new music.
OC: What do you listen to when you wake up or start your day?
CG: I generally wake up with a song already in my head. Not always of good taste and very hard to get rid of!

I can't wait for the day I go to my Netflix queue and it tells me that Antichrist is "now available". (
While on the topic of Opening Ceremony, also really pumped to see this: while perusing this AM.

I spent the bulk of "lunch time" looking through the 2010 couture shows on I ended up reading a synopsis of a review poo poohing on Dior and it's lack of 2010, which turned into me reading at least 3 articles about Gibson girls, and Charles James.

I also spent some time poking around here:
But not very much as I don't like the way the links are "organized" and I didn't have the patience to either sort, or look, through them all.

Other than that I'm obsessed with Candy's Room and I've heard Bruce belting it in my head all day. I love getting songs stuck in my brain without even having listened to them.

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