Wednesday, January 20, 2010

LITERALLY hump day.

I need to start carrying a notebook around with me again. I had an idea during my meeting this morning for something to write about later and now all that's left is the faint imprint of where something once stewed.
All that aside, it's finally clear to me why the universe (and marketers) feel it is necessary to inundate me with Proactiv commercials.
No- it is not because I am currently suffering from "pizza face-itus," or anything so similarly affecting. It's because I need to get my butt in motion.
It occured to me that nothing's going to just happen. At least, I shouldn't just EXPECT that things are just going to happen. It's time to be Proactiv about change. It's time (I hope) to throw myself into motion so that gravity can take hold and help me do the rest.
The weather keeps teasing me with it's lighter 5 o'clocks and warmer 1 o'clocks. I find myself having to remind myself that it's only January. I mention this because walking around in the woods, in the dark, is not something that I feel safe doing. Were it two or three months from now though, I could walk when I got home from work, no problem, and I think my legs and my butt and my lungs and my heart would like me better for it. In being Proactiv I would like to get on the "good side" of my body again.
My writing desk is a pig sty, which isn't that hard to achieve seeing as it's quite tiny (which I like). What I need to do is organize it. What I want to do is hang some sort of board (for instance, but not exclusively, a bulletin board) above it so that I can brainstorm. I figure if I can write here everyday I can write at home everyday. Maybe just a sentence. Maybe it doesn't have to even be "write everyday." I feel like, in Proactiv land, write can be interchanged with read or paint or draw or cut (like out of magazines, not my skin).
I wouldn't mind extending my Proactiv mind-set else where. Perhaps I could get better at managing money? Or doing laundry? Or picking up my phone to call the people I can't/don't get to see and care about?
I'm not trying to make any promises, really, I'm just trying to put some wheels in motion. Hopefully this helps.

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