Thursday, January 28, 2010


my ten minute drive to work today took about 50 minutes.
it will never cease to amaze me the way people act when snow starts to fall from the sky--did you know that there are no rules (in these instances)?
even just an inch of (unscheduled) snow, in january, will cause people to roll down van cleef like i don't even know what. something very slow. like a glowing, rolling snake curving around the bends of that whole mile, which can only be seen aerially.

i also forgot my wallet this morning. i hate hate hate driving without a license. i suppose i would do really well living under a futuristic regime where you need to carry ID around all the time so authorities can keep track of you and people know you aren't a clone or robot. i just always think of what my dad said to me (that one time we were coming back from court in hillsborough), "well at least we know you're really a perry. if we didn't have bad luck, we'd have none at all." in other words i hate it because i know if anyone is going to get caught it's going to be me.

jd salinger died (91!) which is kind of overshadowed in my mind by the fact that howard zinn also died. it's kind of like, i already know that i read catcher in the rye and loved it but, i never gave a people's history the chance it deserved or that i think i could give it now. and by now i mean when i get it from my parent's house and start reading it again.

speaking of reading, i spent part of my internet adventures today reading
THIS at your (alej's) unintentional prompting. he's reading the foutainhead, i took the short cut so i could try to put his text into some context in my brain.

i read THIS today which made me want to bite my tongue about having previously said (yesterday?) that i don't put any time/effort into new music. i really think that i might want to purchase this. or at least somehow acquire it off the 'net. i remember sitting and filling out that demographic form at the joanna newsom concert at bamf and it was the first time i realized how shitty my life looked on paper. now i have the paper part figured out and the rest of it is probably suffering for that; but that's a whole other story.

More things, in brief (i did not give myself enough time to write out everything i could/would have today):


sonia rykiel

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